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Red Barn History from Dennis Troendle

Updated: May 9

Dennis and Deb Troendle bought Red Barn from his parents in 1987 but his family owned it for many years before that. Dennis sat down with us to tell a few tales about their time at Red Barn so today's blog post will highlight a few of his many stories about Red Barn.

So you don't miss any of the fun stories, details, and facts that Dennis had to share we decided it was easiest for you to have these all stored below in a dropdown menu style in a list format so you can read through the history that Dennis shared in an hour chat.

How to: You can click the title or arrow to open each item below along with browse by the title what stories, facts, and details you're most interested in reading about.

Tales of when his parents owned Red Barn & the early days of Red Barn Campground & Restaurant:

Fun and maybe even shocking facts:

Red Barn Campground & Restaurant has become a generational tradition for many campers:

There was a 4 Wheel Drive 3 Day Racing Event in the field next to Red Barn that people across the United States came to!


Story of the Corn Crib Floating Down the Stream

The corn crib that was turned into a cabin and later on ended up floating down the creek at Red Barn. Thankfully no visitors were inside and it wasn't rented that day! Younger couples with kids loved this option because it was next to the creek and set up to have family accommodations. Dennis said that it was 1-2 years after they sold the Red Barn. The corn crib was only 6-8 feet away from the stream, so when the stream flooded the crib went with it one time. "Apparently it looked like a fishing bobber going down the stream."


A few photos provided by Dennis that he wanted to share:

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